Archives du Futur Antérieur

Les Archives du Futur Antérieur (AFA)

A curatorial concept by Adrien Laubscher-Thévoz that evolved into a visionary archive mediation service and a cultural production agency that is dedicated to produce quality and relevant cultural content and products.

Expert in archive digital solutions and archive fund handling, AFA can provide solutions for public and private archive funds.

Sometimes AFA can be a mobile institution and sometimes it transforms into a full operational production facility that curates art shows, promotes music and film festivals, produces films, art editions, art works and art performances.

Developed in 2013 for the Association des Amies et Amis de Jacques Thévoz (AAAJT), AFA founded an association in 2019 and now proposes solutions for archive managing, treatment, dissemination and archive mediation. AFA produces and curates cultural projects based on archive material often after many extensive research. AFA stablishes partnerships to promote archive documents that are sometimes in danger and must be saved.

Following the initial goals, AFA continues to collect datas for the Catalogue Raisonné of Jacques Thévoz and the inventory of the work of the visionary artist/photo-reporter. Les Archives du Futur Antérieur, is a long-term project that started on the occasion of the thirty years of the artist's death. AFA's mission to reactivate Jacques Thévoz's artistic heritage in the present and in the future is getting into phase 2. The Succession Jacques Thévoz (SJT), AAAJT and AFA will continue to work together to promote the legacy of Jacques Thévoz in Switzerland and abroad.

Recent AFA partners:

Adriano Productions, SJT, AAAJT, RTS, ICA, IAS, BCU, eikon, blueFACTORY, école des Gobelins, Paris, | Centrie d'Iconographie de la ville de Genève Cinémathèque Suisse, MetaMedia Center, EPFL, Archives Nationales du Cameroun, Yaoundé, Musée National du Cameroun, Yaoundé, CUY | Communauté Urbaine de Yaoundé, Canton & City of Fribourg, la Loterie Romande, la Fondation Goehner,, Montreux Jazz Festival Heritage Foundation

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