Archives du Futur Antérieur

Les Archives du Futur Antérieur (AFA) is an evolutive concept by Adrien Laubscher-Thévoz. Developed in 2013 for the Association des Amies et Amis de Jacques Thévoz (AAAJT), it now establishes partnerships to promote archive documents that are sometimes in danger and must be saved. Faithful to their initial objective, AFA continue to produce the catalogue raisonné and the inventory of the work of the visionary artist/reporter Jacques Thévoz, with exhibitions, projections, presentations.... Les Archives du Futur Antérieur, is a long-term project with several phases. It was inaugurated in 2013 in tribute to the thirty years of the artist's death. Their mission is always to reactivate Jacques Thévoz's artistic heritage in the present and in the future. The quality of this avant-garde photographer from Fribourg was almost forgotten. Today, it is a question of unveiling these buried treasures to allow them to find a place in the history of art and photography.

At the beginning of 2019, AFA founded an association that proposes solutions for archive managing and dissemination. AFA curates archive material in the present to give them a longer life.

This site is a work in progress; we recommend that you consult it regularly.