Archives du Futur Antérieur

Microns / AFA production


Variable Font by Büro Destruct for Archives du Futur Antérieur

An animated full familly font with its animal/robot mutation designed by Bern's finest H1 & Lopetz from BD.
The variable font and its related animal-bots-caracters can be animated. Their is a classic old school computer game logo company feeling associated with the font.

The font can deliver text and images and was the perfect tool for the communication of TECHNOCULTURE 2 Exhibtions and Festival multiple communication supports

Adrien Laubscher, the curator of the events asked Büro Destruct to create the visual identity for all the happenings. To cover the multiple demands, BD created two variable fonts – one for the titles and one featuring the illustrative robot characters called the «Microns». The technical yet playful simple graphic language in black and white creates the adequate retro futuristic mood for TC2.

The Microns is an alien family from a paralell universe.