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Tacit meeting between generations

Rendez-vous tacite entre les générations
Geneva, Switzerland
AFA 24
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"Tacit meeting between generations"
"Rendez-vous tacite entre les genérations"

In an ongoing nomadic serie of
street exhibitions & street happenings
showcasing photographer Jacques Thévoz
by les Archives du Futur Antérieur

Meet us soon in the streets or at a flea market near you!

A cultural project around the memory data transported by images and objects.

It aims Free the archive photos from their boxes and let them see light,
to give back to cultural and artistic presentation its share of the public domain.
It gives access to cuture to a public that is afraid of crossing the door of an institution,
It carries the soul of the past and invites every one in the archive vortex for a ride in lthe travelling machine
The stands acts as a contact zone and alows the public to access photographic archive of the recent past of their community.

our work is to record the memories of the optical witnesses
our work is to set a up a culturaly relevant contact zone

Tacit meeting between generations is a long term project exploring the potential of archive based interventions in the public space.
This projects explores the limits of art, photography, public space, generational transmission, public access, timetravelling, epistemology, history and streetculture.
It is the first product out of "Eadem Mutata Resurgo" Quantum Street `Pataphysics a critical essay & theoretical analysis of art & culture adressing the transformations that the artworld is experiencing in the digital transition. by ALT/Adrien-Laubscher Thévoz

"Tour de Suisse" is a mobile pictureshow visiting the cities represented in the Jacques Thévoz photographic archive.
Showcasing the forgotten past of the community on billboards, displaying the locals' recent history in the streets, often visible for the first time.

A shared heritage is transmitted from previous generations, it is often the result of a trip in another community, it can link individuals, communities, regions, countries, companies, ... As it is the images feature unknown individuals from other times.
Localism has no future when it comes to archive dissemination.
We speak for the future generation and we want to allow the past to be ailable for the local community.
We let the images engage a dialogue with their surroundings and the community.

colateral public events and screenings.

"Tacit meeting between generations" was the first flea market stand set up and the first event of the upcoming "Tour de Suisse" serie. It was first created in the Plaine de Plainpalais, for the NO'PHOTO 21 biennale, in Geneva Switzerland

by Archives du Futur Antérieur
NO'PHOTO 21 biennale
Geneva, Switzerland